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It's About That Time… Say Goodbye to Your Internship Program

By: Adrianne Marie (University of Miami)

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Internship program season is coming to a close. You’re leaving the city you’ve unknowingly fallen in love with and your new family. Parting is definitely a sweet sorrow because you’ll probably never see these cool cats again. But what can you do to make your last few days epic?

Dinner & Activity with the Crew: There’s nothing better than going to dinner and a movie or something close. It’s a great time to reminisce about the great times you had together and plans to stay in touch.

A Night on the Town: Get dressed up, add some alcohol (optional) and walk to the local bar/club. It’s your final chance to let loose and create funny memories to tell your friends back home or at school.

Hangout with Other Friends in the Area: If you haven’t hung out with friends that live in the area, now is your chance! You definitely don’t want to have that awkward moment when you get back to school and your friends find out you were only 15 minutes away but didn’t call. You don’t have to spend the whole day with them if you don’t want to, go get coffee or something simple. They’ll be happy you did and you’ll spend some time not thinking about all the packing you have left to do.

One Last Hook-up: Go to a bar, coffee shop, anywhere basically. Make googly eyes at someone you’ve noticed around or a random hottie on the street. Get to talking and make the last few days of your stay great for story time. When your friends ask what you did over the summer, you can also tell them who you did over the summer.

Packing Party: Crank up the tunes and prop open your door; there’s no need to make packing boring! Bounce around to your friends’ rooms and collect all the things you lent them, chitchat, and BS for the last time. Make sure you follow everyone on Facebook and Twitter so you can stay in touch (aka – creep on them) during the year.

All-in-all the last few days of your internship program should be the best! Get your work done during the day and let loose at night, you can sleep when you’re dead.

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