By: Ricza Lopez (Buffalo State College)

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Love is in the air! Or is it sex? Summertime is a time for fun, games and even flings. When it come to flings however, just make sure that you know if you classify someone as a fling, it is something temporary to fill a short term goal. Remember the perfect analogy for flings or a Summer Buddy is a collectible or one of those limited edition pieces that you oh so love because they are around for a limited time only – hurry before they run out fast! Now there are some dos and don’ts when it comes to these flings because like Steve Harvey states “they are just playthings” they are something you can’t take serious especially if they give it up way too quick. Now on to the next one and , let’s get at this list shall we?

1. First thing is first, make sure to not lead these flings on to think that what you guys are doing is going to lead to something bigger and better. Last thing you need is a crazed person who is attached to the buddy or the pum pum.

2. Don’t you dare bring that person to your parents. Unless your parents have a very sound understanding of your lifestyle you don’t want mom thinking that’s your significant other- BIG NO NO!

3. If both of you have someone on the side, be sure that they don’t know of each other or they aren’t ever present in the same place. Talk about awkward and ghost of mess arounds past.

4. If you and this fling are going to have sex, it is critical that you both get tested. Yeah, it’s casual sex, I know you don’t want to get burned, catch that clap like a round of applause. Remember condoms can only protect so much.

5. Don’t get caught in a predicament in which others see you that you know and they then think you and the fling is a couple because you definitely will be the talk of the town.

6. Don’t engage in activities with the fling such as: texting, phone conversations, calling each other endearing names. It’s way too lovey dovey and scary.

7. Do your best to not go partying together, jealousy is a b***ch and last thing you need is for someone to get into a brawl-for what purpose? You tell me.

8. Keep yourself occupied and engaged in other activities because the person you’re messing with does not want to know or hear about the next “session” you are going to have or how good it is going to be.

9. Know your role as the person on the side. Don’t be thinking you have certain privileges as if you were hubby or wifey, you knew what you were getting yourself into, meaning you CANNOT tell the other person what they can and cannot do.

10. Last but not least, when that moment comes to dead this artificial relationship. If you guys remain cool, that’s good but your best bet would be to dead the fling all together, you do not want to give them something to hold on to.

With such crazy tips as these, one of out the ten could possibly do you good. You don’t want that fling to be the stress of your life when you have other things to ponder and worry about. Remember it’s a seasonal thing and then goodbye summer!


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