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Derek Zoolander, the horrifyingly clueless male model, is making a comeback. The first time he did it, he used magnum to save the Prime Minister of Malaysia from Mugatu’s evil clutches. Now he’s returned with a cartoon web-series.

Ben Stiller is reprising his role as Zoolander for the cartoon, and hopes to also bring Owen Wilson as his best friend and co-model Hansel, as well as Will Ferrell (possibly as an imprisoned Mugatu?) onto the project as well.

Stiller is also starring in the live action web-series Billy Glimmer: Entertainer of the Century, in which he will play a Las Vegas voice imitator. Both projects are part of a two-year deal Paramount Digital Entertainment struck up with a new digital division at Red Hour Films — a production company run by Stiller and Stuart Cornfeld.

Zoolander will be accompanied by a social media game, with the looming possibility of more online social properties, TV shows, or even feature length films in the

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