It's Memorial Day… Let's Talk Beer

In honor of Memorial Day and the consumption of alcohol and BBQ food, we would like to give you a brief education on beer.  Campus Socialite Rule #31: A Campus Socialite must be able to involve themselves in all conversations and have something of intellectual value to add.  So next time there is a need for a beer run, make sure your the one directing the runner on what beers to choose.  And if they make the mistake of asking you for your reasoning behind choosing said beers, that’s when you drop the knowledge on them.  That will be the last time anyone questions your decision making on that subject.

On Memorial Day, going with the domestic beers is a good way to pay tribute to the US of A. I mean you’re not going to sit there with a nice burger hot off the grill, with the Yankees playing America’s pastime on the tube, and sit there drinking a Sapporo.

Here’s a list of some awesome domestic summer beers:

Sam Adams Summer Ale
The Summery-est Beer
The opening of the season isn’t marked by Memorial Day—summer starts when Sam Summer arrives, filling pints with yellow-orange goodness that’s way more beach than Boston. We’re not sure what “grains of paradise” are, but we can’t imagine warm nights on the porch without them.

Miller Lite
Best Beer to Pull from an Ice-Packed Tub
We don’t know about all this World Beer Cup business, but when faced with an ice bath that could conceal any number of nickel-a-pop lights or ice beers, our hands want to wrap around that familiar blue can. It may not bring a frozen train through town or give us heat vision, but it makes us less thirsty. That’ll do.

Goose Island 312
Our Favorite Pull Tap
As if it wasn’t cool enough that the Chicago Brewery decided to name its wheat offering for the city’s preeminent area code, they’ve got bartenders across Illinois yanking on old phone receivers to pour the stuff. Find it and find out why all those Cubs fans are so sauced by mid-afternoon.

Blue Moon
Best Beer to Add Fruit
Yeah, it’s a “Belgian-style” beer, but check the bottle: Blue Moon Brewing Company is in Golden, Colo. (It’s part of Coors.) So instead of squeezing a lemon or lime into something from south of the border (or, heaven forbid, popping one of those beer-and-lime hybrids), slice off a hunk of orange and pump it into a pint of this.

Pyramid Apricot Weizen
Best Beer with Fruit Built In
While most of our favorite fruit-added brews are seasonal—Leinenkugel’s Apple Spice in the fall, Abita Strawberry Lager in the spring—Pyramid is available (and awesome) all year. The Seattle brewery says it’s best paired with appetizers, salads, and desserts, but we beg to differ: This stuff is best paired with being thirsty. Drink up.

Iron City Beer in Aluminum Bottles
Coolest Bottle
The fact that they’re supposed to let the beer get colder, faster, doesn’t make up for the fact that I.C. bottles are embarrassingly stumpy—not cute and squat like a Red Stripe, but just sort of miniature looking. The redeemer? Suck back a few and you can crush the bottle with your bare hands. Not many beers that can say that (without a trip to the ER).

Abita Turbo Dog
Best Name
The fact that this heavy stuff is good (and it is) is beside the point: Any man who eyes the title “Turbo Dog” on a menu for the first time and doesn’t at least try a pint should have to hand in his Y chromosome.

Lone Star
Best Bonus
About the only thing that isn’t bigger in the state lives under the cap of “The National Beer of Texas”: Twist off a Lone-y top to reveal a puzzle inked onto it’s underside, begging drinkers to huddle close (hello, cowgirls!) and try to decipher the phrase presented.

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