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Although statistics show the unemployment rate of college graduates has decreased by almost half in the past year to 4.2%, I’d like to challenge that statement. Only four people I know are graduating with legitimate jobs. Not that being a waitress or sales rep isn’t legit, but I mean graduating with careers. Most of us — myself included — are graduating with open minds and empty bank accounts. Are we worried? Only slightly. It’s okay to not have a job lined up after  graduation, I promise.

I understand finances are a huge part of why people are so stressed about graduating jobless. However, you can work as a lifeguard or waitress or bartender to keep a small cash flow going while you search for that “dream job.” Also, these temporary jobs are much more flexible. Don’t forget you’re still 22 years old. What if you want to go to the beach? If you’re at one of these jobs, you can take a day off! Imagine trying to get a day off during your first month at a bank for a beach day.  With work ethics like that, you’ll move up that corporate ladder in no time.

The sense of security a life goal or career brings is undoubtedly a great feeling. But again, it doesn’t need to start right away. If you have the option of living home, working on a more flexible schedule and saving money for a little while, you should really take advantage of that.

Now let’s be a little selfish here. Think about the past four years. You were a student. You were the Big Man On Campus or the Campus Diva. You had to maintain a slightly high GPA while keeping a full social schedule. Some of us even squeezed jobs or internships into that lifestyle. You should be proud of yourself for surviving college. Use this summer to relax and just bum it out as much as you can. You deserve it.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is, when people — mainly family members and adults – -ask you what you’re doing now that you’ve graduated, don’t be ashamed to say you’re taking some time off. They may negatively judge you for a few seconds, but that’s secretly because they’re jealous. Their lives are too established to just quit work for a few months.

So be proud of your temporary unemployment. Travel. Work side jobs. Get a tan and have fun. Soon enough that job you’ve been stalking will open up and you’ll be a real adult. No need to rush the process.

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