Jager And Division III Football Weekend… Sure, Why Not?

By Tyler R Spaulding

Your’s truly is finally back! After an insane start to the semester, touring the south and getting introduced to some very fine southern belles (Becky I want my sweatpants back), I am back on the road and bringing you along for the ride. I recently got some Facebook messages from a few faithful lushes asking when I will be at their campus to party, rage, throw down, and all sorts of descriptions I am not even sure actually exist. I made a quick stop back in NY for a few weeks and I am now back to the mission of finding the best party school in the nation… straight up living the dream.  What better way to start the tour off then to spend my weekend with my one true love? “Once you go black, you never go back” is an understatement on how I feel about my nightly partner. You know what I’m talking about, the stuff that makes you punch holes in the wall, eat four slices of pizza, and wake up in a strange place next to a complete stranger…..JAGERMEISTER. There are Jager parties all over college campuses this weekend, which ones will you be at?

Let’s face it, getting to three different states within a weekend on a college kid’s budget might be a stretch. If any of you are down for the roadtrip and love Jager and the night that follows after as much as I do, we should be seeing a whole lot of each other soon. You know I will be hitting these spots this upcoming weekend, as I label it “The Dark Days of November,” but which ones will you be at? Take a look at the events, and the venues hosting each one….it could even be at your school.

Thursday Night Nov 12- The Jagerettes invade Towson

If you have never been to Towson you’re missing one hell of a party scene. The Tigers throw down with the best of them on the east coast and anytime you have a scene like this school mixed with Jagerettes, it’s a guaranteed good time. The Jager girls will be around town all night giving out free shit (who doesn’t love free shit, especially when it gets you over the top hammered). Catch them at The Crease, Rec Room Billiards, Charles Village Pub, and Greene Turtle Towson.

After spending the night with the deer, say goodbye to that Friday morning class and hit the road towards Ohio State. Its Friday the 13th, don’t be frightened, people actually do drink Jager two nights in a row.

Friday Night Nov 13-  BWR Hosts The Jager Girls…Go Buckeyes!

Buffalo Wings & Rings hosts the Jagerbomb party of the night. Ohio State is known for the party scene and this night will be no different. $4 Jagerbombs throughout the night can only lead to absolute insanity.  Not to mention the game the next day vs Iowa which will most likely crown the Big 10 Champion.

It’s tempting after a 2 day binge of Jager to just want to chill out and stay where you are. If you’re a football fan then the Iowa vs. Ohio State game is sure to be one of the best games of the season with an obviously incredible tailgate. If you’re looking for the real tailgate of the weekend, hit the road again straight for upstate New York.

Saturday Nov 14- Cortaca

If you’re not from New York you probably have never heard of this, but you have no idea what you’re missing. In one of the most competitive rivalries in all of college football, this Division 3 matchup between Cortland and Ithaca makes for a classic game but an ever better party. The schools are located just 21 miles apart and to say the scene is a shit show would be a Herculean understatement. It’s by far the biggest party weekend for both schools, when you mix in football, excessive partying, two universities, and a 20 minute drive it can only lead to absolute madness. If you’re not wasted by 9AM, you’re doing something wrong.

If you’re going to be at any of these shoot me a message on Facebook (Tyler R Spaulding), I got the first round.  Enjoy the weekend and keep living the dream….




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