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Jake and Vienna Split: Raise Your Hand If You're Surprised

By: Jess Greenfeld

I hope everyone who placed bets cashed in on this one.  In a surprising, not at all expected announcement released this morning it seems that the sexy Bachelor Jake Pavelka and his girlfriend (fiancé?) Vienna Girardi have called it quits. Oh Jake, I can’t even imagine all the “I told ya sos” you’re getting for this one, and we’re not going to be any exception.

Upon releasing the news of their split the couple is also asking to be left alone during this time. Now, I know they’re still new to this reality television deal—but common sense tells us that when you go on a popular show looking for a future wife, choose someone, (and someone controversial at that) then break up, privacy does not exist. Yes, privacy left the building the moment you kicked Tenley to the curb and handed the final rose over to probably the most disliked woman of the season. All bitterness aside however, when you choose a life partner based solely on the fact that there’s a spark—you can’t expect the relationship to be everlasting. And after a little over three months of officially dating, I guess the pair realized the honeymoon phase could only take them so far.

So, considering Jake’s a pilot we can put this into terms he should understand. Jake and Vienna gave it a fair shot (lasted far longer than I thought they would) but in the end I guess, you could say, “they taxied down the runway but were never really able to achieve lift-off.”

As for Tenley—well now she’s having the last laugh as one of the stars in ABC’s new show Bachelor Pad, set to premiere Monday, August 9th.

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