Jim Carrey’s New Drug Addiction. It’s Called “Charlie Sheen.” How do the Two Actors Stack Up?

jim carrey

You might have heard a thing or two about Charlie Sheen in the news the past couple of months. Maybe…but if not, I’ll sum it up by saying the once promising actor has been banging porn stars, snorting white lady, and has shown no sign of shame, whatsoever, in telling the press that he’s proud, and to go fuck themselves. Charlie Sheen is he undisputed king of Hollywood debauchery, however, as of this week he might have some competition. Unlikely contender for the crown has stepped up, in the form of Jim Carrey. Star Magazine (a credible source if ever there was one) recently reported, that Carrey’s getting over Jenny McCarthy party featured alcohol (OMG), weed (ZOMG), and 4 girls ready to get down (Awesome). Carrey and representatives are both denying the allegations, but let’s be honest, chances are it’s true. So Jim Carrey wants to hang with the big boys? Lets see how he really stacks up against the previously un-contested champion of #winning, Mr. Charlie Sheen. See the Tale of the Tape, after the jump.

charlie sheen vs bree olson
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