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Jobs That May Make Your Boyfriend Angry or Jealous

By: Amanda Schweitzer

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It is important to have a job and make money, especially if you are an expensive girl. Which, lets face it ladies, most girls love to spend, spend, spend. Unfortunately right now it is hard to get a job because there are a lot of people out there in the same position as you. I am not saying it is easier to get a job as a stripper or a porn star, however, I don’t think the same amount of people applying at Outback Steak house are going to strip clubs and applying there. The only downside is that if you have a boyfriend he may get mad at you for choosing this career path. Here is a list of 4 jobs that he may not be so happy about you working there.

1. Hooters– Hooters restaurant has good food and the atmosphere is fun and exciting. It would be a great job to get because I am sure the money is good and the outfits are really cute. If you are single then working there wouldn’t be an issue because it’s not like you are going home with the slime balls that go in there. At least, I hope you’ re not. If you have a boyfriend then that is a different story. If he is okay with it, then cool for you but I highly doubt most of them are. A lot of gross guys go in there and he has no control of what they do or say, however, in a relationship there needs to be trust and if he trusts you then he should know that it is only a job.

2. Show Girl– Some types of show girls work in Las Vegas in musicals and dance the night away on stage performing some sort of show. There are others that are strictly promotional in trade fairs and car shows. “These models have no dance or entertainment skills but they are there to attract attention to their sponsors’ products with their beauty,” says the dictionary. Some boyfriends, but not all, might have a problem with their girlfriends being used as items to attract buyers.

3. Porn Star– Porn stars, at least well-known ones, make a shit load of cash. If you have a boyfriend, however, I am not so sure how excited he would be to know you were getting fucked by another guy. Even though it is acting, he might feel that the intimacy with your partner on stage could turn into a real life fling.

4. Stripper– Stripping he may have a problem with because guys are drooling over you while throwing cash at your feet. I am sure he wants a private strip show in the house where he has you all to himself.

So there you go ladies, next time you are applying for a job that may make your man upset think about if it is worth risking your relationship over.

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