Just in Time For Winter: The Crossbow Snow Launcher


Okay, so I know that it’s not even Halloween yet, but you have to start thinking about Winter now. The dark, cold, snowy months are just around the corner (well, for some of us at least – anyone who has nice weather year round can piss off), and with all of that comes thicker coats and hats, snowboarding on dining hall trays, and snowball fights. So get prepared for battle with this boss snowball crossbow.


You pile snow into the snowball press to churn out ammo three at a time, and then load a ball into the winterized weapon, and fire it straight into the face of that friend who was dumb enough to fall for whatever you used to bring him outside…or just do it inside if you can be quick enough to avoid melting. This thing launches snow up to 60 feet, so you can even hit someone from down the hallway.


The one problem I have with this: where’s the real picture? This CGI generation of the crossbow is all I can seem to find on the Interwebs. But if you can bring yourself to trust this shadily unreal picture, then go order the cross bow for $40 at The Sharper Image. Wait…didn’t that store go out of business? Something about this is a little bit fishy.

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