Kobe Insults Ref and Other Fantastic Athlete Outburts

So just about everyone can appreciate some sort of sporting event, right? I know, I know, we all say that we are solely there or are watching on TV to take in the experience, relax and chill with friends. Nonetheless, whether it’s basketball, tennis, football, baseball, hockey or soccer, we tend to be drawn to watching, mainly because of the competitive spirit and natural flare of combativeness these sports possess. In other words, we want to see someone get fucked up or act a fool. With superstar Kobe Bryant being in the media lately for saying an anti-gay slur towards a referee, I thought I would go down memory lane, and share with you other athletes mishaps or tier-topping “performances” that made headlines.

Kobe’s Hissy fit

Consequence: Fined $100,000 = something of the McDonald’s dollar menu to Mr. Bryant

Serena serves up a little something for the line judge at 2009 US Open

Consequence: Fined 10,000

Crying baby defeats David Ferrer 1 -Love

Consequence: Loss of fans and dignity

Shaq Diesel letting loose live

Consequence: Gained fans

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