Kris Humphries Becomes A Meme! Help Show Your Kardashian-related Disapproval

happy kris humphries meme

Kris Humphies, a basketball player who during simpler times nobody gave two shits to know about, is now a national star. Why? Because he married Kim Kardashian for what seemed like a couple of hours and made out with millions on the wedding and the divorce. New Yorkers don’t appreciate that and Kris had to deal with an entire Madison Square Garden’s worth of boos last night in the Nets pre-season warm-up game against the Knicks. A big, collective “Fuck, this dude.”

The reasons to hate the Kardashian sisters and any kept man who joins in on the circus could fill a dictionary, so our boys at Coedmagazine took things one step further, officially launching the “Happy Kris Humphries” Meme. We’re here to show our support. Coed’s hopes are that it will help get people on board for the already growing effort to Boycott Kim Kardashian, a movement that already has its own website with 384,000 Facebook likes. We’re in! See you on the court Humphries.

Click Here To Make Your Own “Happy Kris Humphries”

Click Here To Boycott Kim

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