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By: Geoff Smith

What’s goin on all my Socialites? Hope your weekends are off to good starts, putting those (red) cups to use. Looking for something to write about today, I came across this video, and I felt compelled to share it all with you. The video is from a wedding in Minnesota. Instead of having the wedding party enter in a normal fashion, they chose to enter by…dancing? Coming out to Chris Brown’s “Forever” (ironic? Maybe?) the whole wedding party choreographed an entrance dance. I was quite blown away by it, so I hope you guys enjoy it:

Now, I know this is not quite, well, college, BUT, there is a greater moral here. For those of you who have been checking out the Campus Diva posts (shout out to the girls!), this whole idea of love is thrown around here often. Having the “talk”, analyzing how people act on dates, PDA, all these situations. Well, I think it is time you readers get a guy’s insights (gasp).

What do I think about love? It should be fun, like this video. Too many times people get caught up in the bad aspects of relationships, instead of enjoying the good. As my good friend Dave Matthews would say, “Life is short, but sweet for certain.”

When and if (and for a lot of us, that is a BIG if) you find someone worth spending some time with, make sure you are enjoying it and are having fun. There is no need to fight with your significant other because they did not text you first thing in the morning. We all live life, and a good partner can fit into your life when you need them, and are understanding when you need your space. College is for having fun, not being tied to a ball and chain 24/7.

You know those couples, always together, lying in a dorm room for days on end. Yeah, that’s not love, that is foolishness. If you are going to make the leap into a relationship, do not turn into that couple from hell that everyone hates being around. Like Jessica said earlier about PDA, no one needs to know about how much you like your significant other, keep that for the bedroom.

If you are going to take the leap, make sure you have fun while you do it. The worst thing a Campus Socialite can do is waste their collegiate experience by sitting around with one person and not meeting others. Take them with you, go out, be the life/couple of the party. Be spontaneous, guys, buy your girls flowers every now and then. Girls, surprise your man with a home-cooked dinner for him (and his buddies). If you’re not having fun in a relationship, it’s not worth being in at all.

There is a reason that the video I shared with you has over four million hits in a week: people are crazy for happy love. If you are telling me you watched that video and were not moved by it, your heart is black. Nothing gets to a person more than being happy. If your girl/guy is not going to make you happy, they are not worth the trouble. Guys, it’s alright for your girl to talk to other dudes. Girls, a guy isn’t cheating on you when he talks to another girl. If you trust each other, isn’t that all you need?

Live your life people, and if you want someone to join the ride with you, make sure they are ready to help you grow, not to keep you from sprouting. College is for living, and if you happen to find love, make sure it does not change how you live your life. As Weezy would say, “take three L’s to the head: live, love, life, and then I’m dead”.

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