Lake Havasu, Where Dreams Come True

Hope everyone’s Memorial Day Weekend was good, I have been getting alot of emails boasting about the parties this weekend and how people threw the best Memorial Day party ever. You know the standard – couple kegs, some funneling (shoutout to James from Florida for having a Bierstick at his party ) maybe even some patriotic jello shots. I bet all your parties were kick ass, but unless you happened to be at Lake Havasu this weekend you missed the best Memorial Day party of them all.  Lake Havasu is located in Arizona.

Lake Havasu - Lake Havasu, Arizona - Great Place to Party

In case you’re unfamiliar with this party paradise located in Arizona, its basically Spring Break every day of the year where boats, coeds and booze all meet under the sun. Memorial Day, being the party weekend to kick off the summer, was truly brought in at Lake Havasu once again this year. One of the things that never fails to amaze me and make me very happy at the same time, is the amount of those pasty things you will see at the Lake. It seems like every year it is just getting closer and closer to becoming a nudist colony.

Lake Havasu,Arizona Rivals Vegas

Most people are unaware that Lake Havasu even exists, which is a shame in itself. Vegas is often called the adult playground and what happens there stays there, apparently whoever coined that term missed the boat on Lake Havasu (I mean that literally, if you go to the lake make sure you’re in on a boat). For me, being a New Yorker born and raised, I didn’t even believe a place like this could exist, I mean come on the Hamptons is the hot spot right? Uncovering this adult playground was like waking up to school being canceled for a snow day, nothing better.

Lake Havasu Arizona - Partying at Lake Havasu

If you have not been to Lake Havasu, book a trip to ‘Zona for the next big upcoming weekend… Do It Do It. If you’re one of the privileged Campus Socialites who have rocked out on the Lake, we would love to hear your story. The summer is officially underway so start living the dream!

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