Lance Armstrong Faces Drug Accusations

Lance Armstrong Drug Accusations

Haven’t Lance Armstrong’s teammates heard that snitches get stitches? Two of Armstrong’s teammates have testified to a grand jury that they saw Armstrong using EPO and other performance-enhancing drugs. Yikes! George Hincapie, who has been riding aside Armstrong for all of his seven Tour de France victories, testified that he and Armstrong would supply each other with EPO, and talked about having used testosterone, which is banned in competitive sports. Click more to read about the other accusation and to see the video of Tyler Hamilton accusing America’s golden boy.

Former teammate Tyler Hamilton said that Armstrong casually mentioned failing a drug test but faced no repercussions. Hamilton expressed how Armstrong’s failed drug test was taken care of by his people and the governing body of the sport. They’re spilling all of your tea, Armstrong.  Armstrong’s team is on the defense with all of the accusations, but there is one truth — that LiveStrong bands now feel like a lie.

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