So you’ve been working out and eating less to get that ultimate beach body, while you’re drinking more and more to build your tolerance so as to not look like a fool who can’t hold your alcohol. Why? All for a lovely week we college students look forward to every spring called Spring Break.

beer funnel

Kind of like Vegas, what happens during Spring Break stays on Spring Break and doesn’t count back in real life. You’ll be hammered for seven nights and eight days and you’ll only remember like 70% of what happens because of cameras – and hopefully all of the memories are still pictures and not video…

But now with Spring Break just around the corner – literally some schools are even on break already – are you sure you’re all set to go? To make sure you have the ultimate trip planned, read on after the jump.

Eat, Eat, Eat

First thing is first. Don’t stop eating. This is very important, because as most Spring Break trips are in warmer places, the combination of sun and alcohol will get you sickly wasted in five minutes. If you at least make sure you’re properly hydrated and fed, you’ll still get drunk, you’ll just not be sick in the bathroom from super dehydration and malnutrition (not that alcohol is a good nutrient, but hey, it’s the most common one most of us get these days anyway). You don’t want your pictures to be you puking. Ew.


Tan vs. Sunburn

Secondly – and this primarily applies to those going tropical or even just south, (Miami, Mexico, etc.) go tanning before you go. Not to the point where you obtain that orange-tinted tan that only tanning beds are capable of making, but we’ve had a super cold winter. Have you been warm outside for more than two days since November? No, I think not. You’ve got to get a little base-tan action going on. The sun will mess you up if you just reacquaint with it full force after all these months of hardly seeing each other. And really, do you want to look through all the pictures of you like a lobster? Probably not. Plus, sunburn hurts like a mother.

sun burnt

Camera and Accessories

Obviously there is a 90% chance if you forget anything it will not be your camera for your Spring Break trip. But there is also a 90% chance what you will forget is your camera charger. This could suck. Make sure you pack it because once that baby dies a few days into your trip, the rest of your vacation dies with it because as we already discussed, your pictures will tell the story of your trip since you probably won’t be able to do it verbally. Pack the charger.

camera charger

Discuss Spring Break with Your Significant Other

If you’re in a relationship and going away with your friends without your significant other, this could cause somewhat of a trust issue for the few weeks before and during you leave for your trip. This is when you have to decide whether you want to convince -and mean it – your guy or girl that you’re only theirs and there is no reason for them not to trust you; or you have to tell them you plan on raging and crushing it on your trip and whatever happens, happens. Now I don’t know who would say that to their boyfriend or girlfriend exactly, but I’m just saying, decide if you want to be faithful or if you want to just let loose. Either way, it’d work to both of your advantages if you talked about it before you go.


fighting in relationship

Coordinate with Friends

Especially for girls and especially because friends seem to shop in the same stores, coordinate what you’re bringing. You don’t want to be that corny group on the beach all wearing the same bathing suit. Awkward high school throwback moment. Instead, make sure you’re all packing different things, and this is also helpful because then you’ll have more options when you throw in the sharing-clothes option.

hot spring break girls

Besides that, just make sure you have significant funds prior to leaving and significant fun while you’re there. Most importantly, bring condoms and set up your drug connection in advance. No one wants to have to scavenge for it last minute.

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