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By: Scott Roth

Better known for literally kicking ass in movies, Steven Seagal’s new show is no act. Premiering tonight (Dec. 2) at on A&E is the long awaited “Lawman”. The show features the well known actor and distinguished martial artist as a cop in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. Seagal says “For the past 20 years, I’ve been a cop… My name is Steven Seagal. That’s right, Steven Seagal.”

How much time he has actually spent patrolling is debatable since movies like “On Deadly Ground” or “Hard to Kill” do not exactly make themselves. We learn that Seagal is a reserve sheriff’s deputy, goes out on patrol and dispenses Zen wisdom to fellow officers.

If you’re a fan of Seagal and a fan of Cops, you’ll be tuning in to see what kind of action arises. The Aikido expert trains fellow officers on how to disarm a suspect to breaking wrists with control tactics. I feel bad for anyone who decides to become a threat while Seagal’s on patrol, the street justice is sure to be entertaining.


Premiering tonight at 10:00pm on A&E; check your local listings.

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