By: Lauren Cohen, Campus Movie Guru (University of Miami)

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For those of you that have seen Tropic Thunder, I think it’s safe to say that one of the funniest, most memorable aspects of the movie was Tom Cruise’s hilarious (and surprising) performance as the foul mouthed, balding, hip-hop dancing producer Les Grossman. Much to my glee, on Sunday night at the MTV Movie Awards we were graced with a couple hilarious appearances of his Tropic Thunder character once again, the best part being when Cruise and Jennifer Lopez joined the stage together with a show-stealing dance off. After seeing that, I was desperately craving more Les Grossman. And luckily, today I found out that this craving is to be soon satisfied. Les Grossman fans, I am happy to report, that a spin-off movie centering around the popular character is currently in the works! Backstage at the MTV Movie Awards Cruise confirmed this, telling E! ““We’re working on it. Yup, we’re working on it.” Hopefully more details will come soon, but in the meantime, follow us after the jump to enjoy a video of Cruse and Lopez shaking it at the MTV Movie Awards. What do you think about the new project? Is the world ready for more Les Grossman?

*Special thanks to C Siegz for bringing this to our attention

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