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I recently found myself embroiled in a heated debate with four of my close friends as we struggled to identify the best chip (potato or otherwise) on supermarket shelves today.  Scholars that we are, we attempted to strengthen our individual arguments by categorizing each brand of chips by their respective qualities: taste, texture (specifically if they lend well to dipping), nutritional value, and maintenance (Are they greasy?  Do you need napkins while eating them?)  Plenty of brands made the ballot, but we managed to find a fatal flaw in each chip, whether it was the devilish orange residue left by Cheetos or the flimsy nature of Baked Lays that usually leads to some stranded “fallen soldier” chips left drowning in the dip, none of these snacks just seemed to cut it.  My friends and I did not see eye to eye until we made a trip to the local grocery store and set our eyes on a bag of chips that none of us were familiar with that.  Pioneers that we are, we decided to give these mysterious barbeque potato “popchips” a shot to be our Sunday football food companion.  Although the results of the games may not have been favorable, I will have to say that that fateful Sunday was not a total loss as we were able to put aside our differences and agree that these popchips were the total package when it came to the modern potato chip.

Read on to find out more about the snacking trend sweeping the nation as popchips and The Campus Socialite have teamed up for an exclusive contest for readers and snackers alike.

One thing you will never find in all-natural popchips are artificial flavors and colors or preservatives.  In fact, these are the first chips I’ve ever thought were both delicious and offered some nutritional benefits as they do not contain cholesterol, trans fats, hydrogenated oils or MSG that make most potato chips a dieter’s nightmare.  While the average chip is either fried or baked, popchips just adds heat and pressure to potatoes and causes them to magically pop into chip form.  The only additive is some light seasoning to put the finishing touches on a snack so uniquely tasty and crispy that it’s hard to believe it’s not fattening.

This year, it’s out with the guilty, in with the pleasure! Snackers everywhere, rebel responsibly – with all-natural popchips. These addictive chips are not fried (that’s unhealthy) and never baked (that’s undelicious). They take a bit of heat, add some pressure, and pop! A chip so delicious and crispy, you won’t believe it has less than half the fat of fried potato chips (and in mouth-watering flavors including cheddar, BBQ and sour cream and onion). To get your very own snack supply, be one of the first 25 readers to let us know your guilty pleasure, and we’ll send you a supply of snacks, compliments of popchips!

Hurry up and share your guilty pleasure in the comments section below and receive your popchips courtesy of The Campus Socialite.

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