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“Whomever said money is the root of all evil, doesn’t fucking have any.”  They say money can’t buy happiness, look at the fucking smile on my face, ear to ear baby.”  These are some famous quotes from another one of our favorite movies, Boiler Room.  But it’s the truth for us Campus Socialites.  We’re all trying to get paid.  We go to College to educate ourselves so we can either lock down a high paying job upon graduation or can learn enough to go out and start our own business.  In either case managing your money is key.  This is a topic we are going to be touching upon a lot at The Campus Socialite because we believe it is extremely important and, to be honest, many of you just are not up to par in this area.  There is no better place and time to start learning how to properly manage your money then right there in college.  Think about all the expenses you have: cell phone bills, apartment or dorm rent, food, entertainment, clothing, textbooks, furniture, credit card bills, school supplies, bars, bars and bars.  It can really pile up on you and if you don’t control it and have an organized, strategic approach to handling your expenses it might come back to bite you in the ass in the future, especially if you have loans to pay after you graduate.

We are here to inform you of a new software that is the hottest new way for young people to manage their money, it is called Mint.  At they have created a free, FREE, software that has incredible features to help you manage your funds and make sure you’re handling your responsibilities with the most information at your finger tips.

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Currently over 1 million people are using Mint to manager their money and they are adding 3,000 new accounts each day, so you know they must be doing something right.  It was named the best online money management tool by Money Magazine, PC Magazine, and is PC World’s Editor’s Choice.

Mint is an interactive way for you to see where you’re spending money, create budgets, track your investments and save money.  Mint does not profit off you the user.  Their profit comes from you taking one of their money saving recommendations.

You can input your bank accounts, maintain stock trading accounts like E-Trade (which we will be discussing in a future article), and credit cards and Mint will help find you lower interest rates, pay off student loans, pay for your car, teach you how to invest, and show you where you are over spending and should make cut backs. You can access your mint account at any time over the internet or if you own an iPhone, they have developed an application for members to utilize. They offer creative graphs to help visually demonstrate where your money is going and where you can be more efficient.

Especially in an economy like the one we are in, it would be ignorant not to be fully educated on money management. We recommend you watch these clips and start utilizing the tools out there to successfully make the most out of your money. Our motto here at The Campus Socialite is “don’t work for your money, have your money working for you.”

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