By: Lauren Cohen (University of Miami)

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If you’ve seen the Letters to Juliet trailer, then you know that it “gives everything away”…but that doesn’t change the fact that Letters to Juliet is without a doubt one of the most delightful, heartwarming romance movies I’ve seen in some time.

It has all the makings of a romance that most girls will swoon over: ridiculously good-looking and charming leads, two love stories that are to die for, and what is perhaps the main star of the film: the breathtaking Sienna, Italy.

All of these ingredients mix together seamlessly to form the sweetest, most delicious concoction of a movie possible…with a topping of extra cheese. However I mean this in the most endearing way possible, because it is the finest type of cheese available. The film recognizes, and even pokes fun at, some of its antics every now and then, making it both self-aware and romantic…a tough mix to master. The acting was great all around. Amanda Seyfried was whimsical, very likable and had wonderful chemistry with male lead and newcomer Christopher Egan. And do I even need to mention how good Vanessa Redgrave was? As always, she took her role above and beyond, bringing depth and emotion to the character of Claire, making it impossible not to root for her with all of your heart throughout the film.

If you’re interested in seeing this movie in the first place, I doubt you’re a cynic who minds a little dose of fantasy here and there. And If you are, I don’t think I need to tell you twice to stay away. But If you want to get swept away with a movie for two hours, I can’t think of a more magical way to do so than with Letters to Juliet.

Rating: A-

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