Like The 1988 Lakers? Why Not Buy Their Sneakers on Auction? Yeah, All of Them


1988 lakers

Memorabilia is a strange animal. Basically anything that’s even touched a celebrity or professional athlete could potentially fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you’re a Pawn Stars fan, you know exactly what we’re talking about. So if you could potentially pay a couple of hundred for Michael Jordan’s sweat towel, how much would you expect to pay for a Basketball player’s shoes? What would you expect to pay for an entire team’s shoes? What if that team was none other than the 1988, back to back champion, “Show Time” Lakers? How high can you count?

lakers shoes

The collection belongs to Mike Smrek, a player on the 1988 team. Apparently after the Championship, he asked every other player to sign their shoes and hand them over. Kinda weird, but genius in retrospect. Dude is about to make Millions of dollars, and all for hitting up 11 of his boys for some ratty ass sneakers 22 years ago. In those days players actually wore the shoes for more than one game.

kareem abdul jubar

Among the collection are Magic Johnson’s Converse “ERX-400” high tops, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s white Adidas with purple trim with one signed “Kareem” in blue ink, and James Worthy’s white New Balance high tops with purple and gold trim. The laces on each pair are actually discolored from having Champagne poured on them during the Championship Celebration. 3 Hall-of-Famer’s, 12 total players equals a shit load of money. Looks like Mike Smrek had his 401K planned all along.

If for some reason I happen to be speaking to a multi-millionaire, or a very frivolous Lakers’ Fan, you can bid on the collection at Grey Flannel Auctions. Or just oggle it like i’ve been doing all day. Either way, good luck.

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