Back when I was 7, I never thought that the star of my favorite movie, The Parent Trap, would be in and out of rehab 13 years later. Well, yesterday Lindsay Lohan was yet again released from the Betty Ford Rehab Center. Although she has been released, according to People, police say that Lohan committed battery to a Betty Ford employee, back in December of 2010.

“The investigation determined Ms. Lohan violated several aspects of her probation, including the battery [charge],” the Palm Desert Police Department said in a press release Monday, adding that “they plan to notify Lohan’s probation officer.”

With more Lohan drama on the way, it makes me want to take a look at where LiLo’s downward spiral all began.

Children learn from their parents, and unfortunately, Lindsay learned from hers. Dina and Mike Lohan had never been a perfect match for each other, to say the least. Michael Lohan had been a poor role model for his children right from the start, especially since he served three years in jail before Lindsay even landed her role in The Parent Trap. Later, in 2005, Michael served an additional two and a half years for a DUI and an attempted assault charge.

Even with a crap father, Lohan did manage to do pretty well for herself. She starred in films like Freaky Friday, Mean Girls and Herbi: Fully Loaded, and even released an Album entitled Speak. The album’s first single, Confessions of a Broke Heart (Daughter to Father), only further shows just how messed the Lohan family really is.

Up until May of 2006, mostly all of the Lohan drama had been focused around LiLo’s family, not really Lindsay herself. However, when Georgia Rule was released, it was said that she caused a lot of problems on the set, and people attributed it to her excessive partying. Soon after, Lohan began to go to AA meetings, and later that year she admitted herself into her first treatment center, Wonderland Center, where she stayed for only 30 days.

Well, obviously those 30 days didn’t do her any good since on May 26, 2007 she was arrested for a DUI. Like father, like daughter, I suppose. Only 3 weeks later, right before the filming for her role in Poor Things, LiLo was arrested for a second DUI. Not only did police find her drunk, but also carrying a small amount of cocaine. Later, in August of 2007, she was sent to the Cirque Lodge Treatment Center, in Sundance, Utah. Later that month LiLo pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor of cocaine, and was sentenced to only one day in jail, with 10 days of community service. I think she got off pretty easy! She was also sentenced to probation until 2009 since she kept on missing court dates.

LiLo also decided to try “playing for the same team” in 2008, when she started dating DJ Samantha Ronson. However, when questioned about her sexuality, Lohan said, “Maybe. Yeah…I don’t want to classify myself.”

While Lindsay seemed grounded for awhile in her relationship with Ronson, after the breakup, trouble followed LiLo in 2010. Lohan did not appear for a DUI arrest progress report hearing since she was apparently “stuck in France,” due to a stolen passport. The judge then ordered her to attend weekly alcohol education classes, as well as having to wear an alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet. Very stylish.

On July 6, 2010, at Lohan’s probation revocation hearing, the judge found that she violated her probation, and sent LiLo to the slammer for 90 days, as well as three months in rehab right after being released from jail. Well, Lindsey Lohan, being who she is, was released from jail only after two weeks and only stayed in rehab for 23 days.

LiLo failed yet another drug test in September of 2010. After spending a few hours in the slammer and paying a $300,000 bail, Lohan was sent to the Betty Ford Center yet again. This pretty much completes the downward spiral of Lindsay Lohan, but it should be interesting to see how much farther she can fall in 2011.

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