Is Trying To Lin Over Knicks Fans

linning shirt

Lin hits the winning 3 with .5 seconds left last night in a game against the Toronto Rappers and it was settled: Linsanity is here to stay. They were even cheering him in Canada. You know what comes next. Here come’s the gear.

From what I’ve been hearing through the grape vine, it’s already a 2-week wait to get Lin’s jersey from any of the big sports retailers. This for a dude who was undrafted, almost waived, and graduated from Harvard. So you might not be able to rock his jersey just yet, but you can get yourself a “Linning,” Knicks blue and orange T-shirt from

jeremy lin

I’m not in the garment industry, but I can’t even imagine the fight to secure domains and patents on Lin-related clothing. As we all know, just about anything can be done with the name Lin, but Linning is my personal favorite, and has succesfully cornered the market on that one. The shirt is as basic as you can ask of a sports T; the word LINNING underscored by “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Point Guard.” Debatable racism aside, it looks pretty good.

linning shirt

The shirts cost $25 each, and just like the jersey, the line keeps growing. So while you might have to wait for the traditional mesh, you can grab one of these right now and show-off your Linvestment in New York’s newest star as early as next week. Make all the Tebow comparisons you want. Jeremy Lin is looking like the real deal.

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