Live Performances That Changed Music Forever (Infographic)


With iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, and Turntable, live shows aren’t nearly as big a part of music culture as they used to be. Regardless, the face of music has changed countless times throughout history, never to be the same again, directly as a result of an old fashioned live show. From Beethoven to The Beatles.

Cosmic Opera, a completely new concept in music and headlined by Axwell, one third of DJ super group Swedish House Mafia, has the highest potential in years to be one of those moments. A live DJ performance, broken up into acts, combines Electro music with a 360 degree sensory immersion, including circus performers, dancers, and Electro’s biggest names.

In honor of Cosmic Opera, we put together this infographic chronicling years of liver performance history and listing the quintessential performances, the ones that changed the face of music forever. Have we left any out? I don’t think so, but that’s for you to decide. Check it out right below and share in all the right places.

Tickets are officially sold out for both shows but don’t worry Campus Socialite’s we have the inside scoop on the weekend events. The guys from Cosmic Opera are extending the party and hosting a Cosmic Opera Pop-Up event at Santos Party House on Saturday 2/25 featuring Peacetreaty and special guest NO_ID.


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