Finals are finally over and everyone is now home for winter break. You can relax and hang out with old friends and family. Although you may be thinking that your last tests for the year are complete, if you’re in a relationship, you’re wrong. For any new relationship that blossomed this past semester, this winter break is going to be the first test in seeing just how strong your new relationship really is. The chances that you found someone who lives in the same area as you are pretty slim, so it’s unlikely that you will see one another over the long winter break. Here are some tips for keeping a healthy long-distance relationship over the break.

1)   Texting

Yes, texting is the most convenient way to quickly communicate with someone. However, if you think that texting the entire break will hold your new relationship together, you’re wrong. Yes, by all means text, but do not solely text all of the time. You guys do not need to be in constant communication with each other from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. Don’t give each other a play-by-play of your daily activities. Instead, text cute things to each other or have short conversations – that way, when you do get a text from your significant other, it will be more exciting. Picture texting something to your boo is also a cute way to show you’re thinking of them (without having to have an actual conversation, of course).

2)   The Phone Call

While this might seem like the most obvious choice of communication, it is surprising to hear it isn’t. Most people don’t like to use the phone other than for texting. However, if you are scared to have a potentially awkward conversation on the phone with your partner, you probably shouldn’t be in that relationship anyway. Set a time to call one another when it is convenient for both parties, ensuring neither of you will be distracted with other things. If you schedule a daily phone call, not only will it make your relationship stronger, but it will also cause you to text less often. A 30-minute conversation should suffice; it’s just nice to be able to hear his/her voice.

3)   Skype

Skype is, by far, one of the best inventions ever made. You can video chat over the internet for free (as long as both people have a web cam). I have personally been using this program for about 2 years to talk with my friends and family back home, since I go to school out of state. Now that I am home for winter break, my boyfriend and I see each other on, what we call, “Skype dates.” We set a time, either right after we wake up or right before we go to bed, and talk online via Skype. Although it’s not like being able to hang out in person, it can make you feel less distant from one another. It can be fun to see one another’s rooms or maybe each other’s friends, too.

4)   Facebook

Facebook chat can also be a great way of communicating with one another, but don’t feel like you need to be constantly blowing up each other’s walls. Leave a cute message every once in a while, but don’t go into detail. Another thing to keep in mind is annoying Facebook statuses. Most people are not interested in the countdown until you see your boyfriend or girlfriend, so don’t make it your status. Also, don’t constantly update us on how much you miss your partner, it’s annoying. Yes, Facebook is an open forum to talk about you life, but sometimes people can post a little too much information. Keep it simple and classy and try to leave most of the mushy romantic stuff off of Facebook.

5)   Trust

This is probably the most important one. Yes, it may be your first time apart for an extended period of time, but try and trust one another while you’re home. If your girlfriend/boyfriend doesn’t immediately answer your call or text, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are ignoring you or cheating on you. They, quite possibly, might be busy. If you call or text them excessively, it may become a turn-off, or an indication that you are a little crazy. Try and trust one another, and if you have reason to believe they are doing some shady shit while you guys are apart, then there is no point of being together in the first place.

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