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We have all heard the cliché: Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. Sometimes I tend to think that this is true. There are certain phrases guys say and girls hear something totally different, especially if she might be into you. And even if she isn’t into you, guys know they should be careful, because sometimes saying these phrases can land you men into big trouble!

Guy has been hanging out with a girl for a while, he squeezes her hand, and smiles at her:

Guy says: You’re a great friend.

Girl hears/thinks: He must like me! What should I do? Does he really like me? Am I thinking too much? He did squeeze my hand, and he smiled at me. We’ve been hanging out for a while…. What should I do?

This will be followed by the girl calling her friends and retelling every detail until there is some kind of evidence that the guy MUST like her. She will ask her friends so many times that they will eventually get sick of hearing about it.

Second situation, guy at a club:

Guy says: You look beautiful; can I buy you a drink?

Girl hears/thinks: What a sleaze, he probably just wants to sleep with me.

Guys need to be especially careful at a club, even if you’re a nice guy and you just want to dance with a girl. She had probably been asked tons of times to dance by really sleazy guys. They’ve probably tried to feel her up, and she’s tired of it. So if you get rejected, don’t take it too personally.

Guy breaks up with the girl:

Guy says: There is no real reason; it’s just not going to work out.

Girl hears/thinks: He’s cheating. There’s no way there’s no reason, no reason must be code for an Allison, Maria, Ariel, Jasmine, Lola etc… He has to have a reason, he’s such an ass, how could there be no reason!

This one here could spell big trouble for you men. If you are cheating, come out with it. Girls talk more than you know, and she will tell people you were a scum-bag who couldn’t even give her a reason, and that you must have been cheating. So your reputation is screwed even if you weren’t.

There are tons of situations where simple phrases can be very confusing. So if you have something to say, make sure you are very clear as to what you want and what you mean. If you’re in a situation where it seems like the girl may have feelings for you and you don’t have feelings for her, make sure that is clear otherwise you’re going to look like a jerk.

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