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Lucy Pinder Commercials Too Hot For TV? You Know What That Means (Videos)

sexy lucy pinder

Lucy Pinder doesn’t get nearly as much screen time as she deserves. Fuck Me face, quite possibly the best body to ever walk the Earth, and full willingness to do…whatever. Lucy hit America hard from across the pond and was recently filmed for a few commercials, specifically designed to show off her most noteworthy qualities. The commericials have been declared “Too Hot For TV.”

lucy pinder

In all honesty, you could show Lucy Pinder wearing a cable sweater while sipping green tea and it would be too hot for TV. But I can safely say that whoever made these commercials aimed to get the most out of his cast and push the limits of our traditional American sensibilities. Too hot for TV? Probably. Too hot for Campus Socialite. Do I really need to answer that? Enjoy!

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