by: Cory Matthews (Penn State University)

Can someone please explain the crock of bullshit that exists in our society with celebrity adultery? Where can the line be drawn between “Sex Addict” and “Perennial Scumbag”?

Aside from the obvious case of Tiger Woods, there are two other male cougars that cannot seem to keep it in their pants: David Duchovny and Steve Phillips.  What is their secret you may ask?  Playing the “I’m a sex addict and getting help” card in a poker game called deceit and public-image preservation.

First of all, isn’t everyone on this planet a sex addict?  Find me one person who isn’t a sex addict, and I’ll counter that by guessing he or she is Pope Benedict– or one of his sex-slaves which we call “nuns” (Have you ever seen “The DaVinci Code” or “Angels and Demons”?).

Duchovny, star of the Showtime series “Californication”, finds a natural role in his character “Hank Moody” because he knows how to be the smooth-talking, rebel artist in his former marriage with actress Tea Leoni.  Phillips on the other hand, former GM of the Mets and Baseball Tonight personality, was bagged for gettin’ down with a nasty intern at ESPN.  After both of them got caught for cheating on their wives, their PR representatives must’ve went into damage-control by suggesting that claiming to be a sex addict would be the best way to clean their messes.

Tiger is doing the same these days.  Mississippi? Really? I’m not gonna get into the whole Tiger issue but he better get his mind right for the 2010 Masters, or he better come out in public and say something soon – before he goes on the prowl again.

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