Make a Joke, Win Cash on

funnyformoneycom is a new and exciting topical online comedy contest with unique appeal to YouTube users. The format offers contestants an opportunity to win $4,000 in weekly cash prizes three different ways. Players can submit punchlines, vote for punchlines, or sponsor friends to participate in the competition, according to series co-hosts/producers Ari Ecker and Joe Yakacki.

FunnyForMoney will post ten topical headlines each week. Then people from all over the country are invited to upload their funny punchlines right onto the site. They can post as many as they like for one or all of the ten topics. The more punchlines submitted by contestants, the better their chances are to win either $100 or the weekly grand prize of $500. Socialites, get out your funniest shticks.

“It’s easy and fun to play,” said Ecker. After registering on the website, viewers submit their own punchlines for one or all of the 10 news topics of the week. “Even if you don’t submit a punchline, you still can win the same prize money just by voting for the winning contestants,” added Ari.

“As the FunnyForMoney contest grows over the next several months, the stakes will increase substantially,” remarked Yakacki. “There will be four Grand Prizes of $10,000 awarded each month. Just go to and see how,” concluded Joe.