I know the first question you’re gonna ask: does this do anything for me? The answer is no – it doesn’t really do anything except make your Xbox look cool. You could put that $69.99 to better use by buying a game to play on your Xbox, or get a quarter ounce of good weed, or a whole bunch of 30 racks of keystone light. But in case you’re all about the aesthetics of your console, check it out.


Last year Memods premiered their “infinity effect” console mod and people seriously dug it. Unfortunately, performing the mod on your own Xbox voided the warranty, and at the rate those things crap out, doing that would be a supremely bad idea. This time around, they’ve simplified the mod to an easy-to-install snap-on casing (aka “console armor”) that makes your Xbox look like one of those infinite tunnels your cheesy uncle used to have on his wall back in the early 90’s.


It’s powered by the Xbox’s rear USB, and you can get your own come January – right after the best time for useless gifts. Fail. Oh yeah, and it’s only for the new slimmer version of the Xbox360 (sorry to anyone with an OG Xbox who was led on by my intentionally vague article). Regardless, it is super cool, and if you aren’t gonna go out and blow your last $69 on it then you might as well look at it for a little bit. By the way, the PS3 version of this armor is coming soon, so keep an eye out on the Memods website.

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