Making Electronic Music Just Got More Badass With The iTar


Seriously, this thing looks fucking ridiculous. If you’ve ever seen a button-based guitar synthesizer, then you’re probably a step ahead of everybody else. Now integrate that with an iPad and its growing archive of music making apps, and you’ve got yourself the future of electronic music. Check it out.


Starr Labs has been making traditional versions of this instrument for years now, and for some well-known acts: Vernon Reid, the Chemical Brothers, Pendulum, Linkin Park, Lou Reed, Kesha, Michael Jackson, Stanley Jordan, among others including several TV and movie studios. Each “Ztar” or “Z-Board” is meticulously handcrafted.


For the iTar MIDI controller, Starr plans on mass producing the fingerboard, hooking it up to an iPad dock, and letting you be an entire band with just a stroke of the touchscreen. This is a DJ/producer’s dream…especially for live performances, when you wanna show off your energy. Wanna know more? Look at this sweet video:

Unfortunately the iTar is not on the shelves yet – it’s a Kickstarter project that is currently looking for funding. So if you’re a DJ or producer who has money to throw around, this might not be a bad thing to invest in. Pledge $200 or more and they’ll build one for you.

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