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If you are reading this article then you probably have spent at least one summer serving coffee to a bunch of suits, endlessly twisting knob C in a failed effort to fix a paper jam, and filling spreadsheets with more zeroes and ones than the matrix.  Why do so many of us suffer through these office nightmares?  I remember entering the wonderful world of unpaid labor because it was a “step in the right direction” and provided relevant experience when looking to build a career in a particular field.  I soon realized that unless I planned on working at Starbucks, Staples, or if all really goes to shit, as a number cruncher, that these internships were not helping my future.  There had to be a better way to connect with a company that could offer valuable work experience for interns, but how? offers users the ability to act as critics and review their internship experiences in an effort to better educate fellow students and potential interns.  With services ranging from extensive research and ranking of internships in a variety of industries to a professional advice section, is a digital warehouse of genuine and helpful employee testimonials.

There is something for everyone at as the creative minds behind the service understand their target audience. The website has a simple motto: their internship stories will help you determine if the position is “worth the coffee.”  Some students are not looking to work too hard at a summer job and are just fine with filing papers and answering phones.  Other candidates are seeking a more challenging environment and are in the market for an internship where they will take on heavy responsibilities and make decisions that will impact the company.

The bottom line is that students look for advice and suggestions all the time.  Whether it is something as simple as judging if a certain outfit makes you look fat (guys, the answer is always a resounding “No”) or choosing to enroll in intermediate or advanced tennis in your Senior year, students rarely make a decision on their own.  Why should choosing something as important as an internship be any different?  Check out now and get on the fast track to typically unpaid, underappreciated work – but hey, at least you will know what you’re getting yourself into.


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