Man In India Gets Himself Murdered For Life Insurance Policy

According to recent reports, a man living in Lucknow, India has done something that sounds like a plot straight out of an action movie. Within the district of Lakhimpur Kheri, police have finally cracked the case regarding the body of a businessman that was discovered on September 20th. According to evidence, the man murdered opted to plan for his own death for financial reasons.

Harsh Gupta, the deceased businessman, had debt which totaled around $95,000.  With a debt that high, Harsh went and got multiple life insurance quotes( and after he found a good one he decided to plot his own murder in the hopes that his family would receive a settlement from his life insurance policy that would pay off all of his debts.

Gupta, whose body was found by police on September 20th, worked in the garment industry and was also a local political party leader.

Tracing The Details

The police originally used cell phone records of Gupta’s and noticed that a certain cell phone number was being called many times and that the frequency increased up until right before Gupta was murdered. The investigation lead the police to a man named Shatrohan, who first refused that he had taken part in the murder, but eventually took them to see his aide Ram Asrey, who has been gone since Gupta went missing.

The eventual shocking news came as Ram Asrey confessed that Gupta had chosen to plot his own murder. Asrey states that Gupta came to him and told him that he had debts totaling around $95,000 but his life insurance policy was quoted as being valued around $133,000. Since the policy would not go into effect if Gupta committed suicide, he said that he needed to be murdered or at least look like he was murdered.

How The Event Unfolded

As Shatrohan admitted, he asked his aide Ram Asrey to help with the task. Gupta said that he would pay Ram Asrey $190 to do the job. On September 19th, Gupta, Asrey, and Shatrohan all met up with each other. Ram Asrey and Shatrohan each drank liquor while Gupta ate a few tablets. After a half hour went by, Gupta asked them to murder him. Asrey first took out a gun and shot him from behind and then strangled him. The pair then left the area until Gupta’s body was discovered.

Along with Shatrohan’s confession, the police verified that Gupta did appear to be strangled and they did discover that Gupta was insured for around $133,000. Although Gupta’s family refused to comment on the theory stated by policy, it appears that the family will no longer receive the benefits from Gupta’s life insurance policy once everything has been processed.