Beer Pong is the bread-and-butter of College drinking games: you can’t go to a party without seeing at least one game get remarkably out of hand. Such is the case of Alan Berger, a Jersey boy who just had a lawsuit thrown out in which he tried to sue a bar because of an injury he sustained after he got belligerently drunk at their Beer Pong tournament. Sure he was the Beer Pong Champion of the tournament, but after trying to sue the bar? You should be stripped of your title bro.

As the story goes, he broke his leg, foot, hip, and tore both his knees and he has a lacerated liver. According to the New York Post article:

He took a bus back to New Jersey after the game and was still so drunk he tried to cross Highway 9 near Manalapan and got hit by a car going 50 miles an hour, said his lawyer, Michael Wiseberg.

Berger claims that the bar should have been keeping track of their drinking, but that just seems like a cop out to me. Have you ever gone to a bar where they’re counting your drinks? No, you just have to be a real man and drink as much as you possibly can. When you’re puking on the bar or passed out dead on the toilet, you’ve had enough.

He could have been a hero, but instead he decided to sue a bar, a home-away-from-home for most of us. And for that sir, you should be banned from all bars from now on. There will be no rollbacks, no rebuttals, just a sad broken man that should never be allowed to play Beer Pong again.

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