By Jess Sorentino (University of Delaware)

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One word: lumberjacks. The most rugged, hairy, muscular definition of man. They wear flannels and they don’t shave. They move things around yards and chop wood…all in November, because that’s when the weather changes.

Because of all of the manly action that takes place this month, it has been dubbed a new name: Manvember, and now, since we are closing out the first week of the month, it seems appropriate to address it.

According to Urban Dictionary, Manvember is “a dedicated month during the year, specifically November, when manliness is at its peak. During this time there will be no shaving, except for the head…because that is manly. Flannel shirts will be worn as frequently as possible, tobacco products will be on hand at all times, and meat will be consumed twice a day.”

We have entered a state of Manvember. And guess what? Mother Nature approves of the state of manliness because since November 1 – at least in Delaware – it has been very crisp and chilly outside. Perfect wood-chopping weather.

So let’s talk about it. It’s Manvember and you want to participate. What do you do? You have lots of options in the yard. You can rake leaves. You can chop wood. You can move rocks and stones from one side of the yard to the other.

If you have no yard, or leaves to rake or rocks to move, don’t worry! You can still celebrate the manly month. Wear flannel shirts AT ALL TIMES. Not the tight kind of hipster flannels one can buy at Abercrombie or Hollister, but legit flannels that go over other clothes and keep you warm.

Jeans and work boots will finish off the manly outfit perfectly, and of course, don’t forget the best way to stay warm as a man is by growing a beard. True Manvember-ists started growing their beards before October ended that way once the first of the month came around they were all set to go.

Just telling you, you won’t be judged if you jump on the Manvember bandwagon a little late and start growing that beard now.

At night, after a long day in the yard, the best way to kick back during this month would, of course, be to have a bonfire with the wood you chopped during the day. Beers are involved, and so are lots of burgers, because like the definition says, in Manvember you must eat meat twice a day.

Girls, don’t feel super excluded because Manvember does not cater to girls. You can celebrate if you want to, yet if you don’t shave your legs and just wear a giant flannel everyday, lots of people will probably think you’re kind of gross and weird. If you’re that dedicated, you can probably come up with a better way to partake in Manvember festivities.

Obviously the month is dedicated to the manliest of men, and probably not every one could pull it off. I apologize if you attempt to be a part of Manvember and you fail miserably.

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