Marge Simpson – Legendary Cartoon Housewife, Television Icon, and now… Playmate?

By: Geoff Smith

Well, Playboy has officially done it. From the master of nude women, Hugh Hefner and his band of merry Playmates have gone out and done the unthinkable. In the next issue of Playboy, due on stands October 16, one of the most famous mothers in cartoon history is set to bare all. Marge Simpson, from the long-running classic show “The Simpsons,” is set to show off her goods for the world to see. In a first-ever for Playboy, a cartoon character will be both cover girl and centerfold, as Marge will have a three-page pictoral. CEO Scott Flanders explained the idea by saying “it had never been done, and we thought it would be kind of hip, cool and unusual” to have her on the cover.

From the magazine that has made little boys’ wet dreams for years, this is a first for a company that has had so many. In a attempt to attract younger readers (studies show that men age 35 are most likely to read it), Marge is the start of a campaign to draw in us younger folk. In the pictorial, Marge is reported to be modeling cartoon lingerie, i.e-not getting completely naked.

Personally, I have no idea what to think about this. It is Marge Simpson, it is Playboy. I love the both of them. However, this is kind of a fishy mix. I don’t know how I can watch “The Simpsons” anymore knowing that Marge has modeled in Playboy.

The issue will probably sell, however, due to man’s perverted nature. If you are interested, as I said before, the issue hits stands on the 16th



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