MC Hammer Plans To Launch His Own Search Engine. Seriously Dude?

mc hammer

Too legit to quit is right. We should have stopped hearing the name MC Hammer years ago yet he continues to make the news every so often for reasons that grow more and more ridiculous with time. The story this week is either a genius PR stunt or the ravings of a washed up lunatic. We’re thinking more-likely the latter. Mr. Hammer is launching his own Search Engine which he hopes will compete with Google and Bing. You may have heard of them.

Let’s take a super short break from making fun of MC Hammer and talk about his actual idea. The name of the search engine will be WireDoo, and Hammer says it will focus on “Relationship-Driven searches.” What in the flying fudge does that mean? I’m not exactly sure but I’ll attempt to explain anyway.

mc hammer

Hammer’s vision is that when you search something, you will not only get what you searched for but information on “related” topics as well. The example he gives is if you type in a zip code , you will also find out information about schools and restaurants in the area of that zipcode. Ok, break time is over. So in essence, my search results will be watered down with information I may or may not have wanted, depending on what MC Hammer feels is relevant? What if I type in coffee? Will I also get information about how to bake scones and underground indie bands? Doesn’t this contradict everything the major search engines have worked so hard to create, i.e. : a system that gives you what you are actually looking for?

Check out the video below of MC explaining itself. Or don’t. The result will be the same.


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