Shellfish At McDonald’s? Enter: McLobster


One fateful night, I was walking down the road and passed by a 7-11. I should also add that I was about 10 beers deep, but anyway, I thought to myself “How about a Hot Dog?” Can’t be that bad, right? Wrong. In all my quarter of a century, I have never eaten anything more disgusting then that 6 hour old, lukewarm Hot Dog. “What even could be more disgusting?” I thought to myself. Enter: The McLobster.

You heard it here folks. You can head to McDonald’s, order a large fry, a chocolate shake, and wash it all down with some succulent lobster. Stomachs Rumbling? I know mine is. The McLobster, as hard as it may be to believe, is not a new item. It has actually been around for several years in select stores as a seasonal item. Most restaurants carrying it are located in New England and Eastern Canada (should have known).

eating mclobster

At any other restaurant, this would be a simple answer, but seeing as how we’re dealing with fast food here, the question is: “What exactly comprises a McLobster?” According to McDonald’s, the courageous McLobster is made using real Lobster meat. Take that declaration with a  grain of salt Socialites. There’s no body part on a chicken  that resembles a McNugget. The lobster meat is topped off with lettuce, and celery, and oh jeez…white “McLobster Sauce.” I’ll leave that one alone.

Now I know what everyone’s thinking. If the McLobster really exists, how come I have never seen a commercial for it. The Campus Socialite has once again answered your call. Check out the commercial below this paragraph. It’s a great one. After all, what would a brilliant sandwich be without brilliant advertising. Enjoy Socialites!

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