Meatloaf Explains It All: Greatest Videos To Watch While High

Yes I know what your thinking… “MEATLOAF why haven’t you written in forever and why aren’t you paying child support?” Actually most of you are thinking who the fuck is Meatloaf and all of you are probably high as shit. So I’m going straight to the point, I got the funniest videos to watch when your high, so sit back light up and just chill.

Kids Hurt in a Funny Accidents

If I need to explain to you why this is a funny video to watch when your high you should probably be on another website like

Good Neighbor Stuff 420

Anything these guys put up is hysterical but in the motif of 420 here’s a funny video of an awkward stoner.

Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This

If you never had the idea to microwave something other than a hot pocket prepare to be blown away. Literally.

Honey Badger

I’m a fond believer that education is extremely important, so with that said get educated on the most bad ass animal in the entire animal kingdom the Honey Badger.

Gunther Tutti Fruitti Summer Love

Ughh euro-trash cracks me up because I don’t know if they made this track thinking this was going to showcase them as a serious artist.

Gangster Doing the Dougie

Im not going to ruin this for you just keep watching and see what happens when you learn to Dougie.

G.I. Joe PSA’s

I’m too high to write any more descriptions and I’m positive no one even reads this.


If your still reading this damn. Juggalos are fucking crazy and this song has extremely deep underlying meanings like “fucking magnets how do they work.”

Epic Meal Time Fast Food

Only because I’m hungry as shit.

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