Meatloaf Explains It All: YouTube Dump 5-6-2011


If you see this article it means two things: I just smoked a fat blunt, and it’s the mother flippin’ weekend. This YouTube dump, like the other ones, doesn’t follow a certain theme. Why? Cause all this shit is gold, and gold don’t need motifs. So for clips of all the best YouTube videos and my funny two cents on each click on through to the other side.

Gimme Pizza Slow

There are some real famous people in this video: the girl with short hair was meth addict #2 in the straight-to-dvd classic Devil’s Dandruff.


Rex Ryan’s Wife’s Feet

Just thinking that this fat dude is sucking on her small delicate toes makes my pants real tight.


Worst Sports Accident

This made my dick shrivel up inside itself. Watch it to find out why.


Dwight Howard NBA Live Commercial

Dwight Howard and I have two things in common: Our cock size (average), and our hatred for children.


Grandma Reads 50 Cent Tweets

As much as I hate children, I love senior citizens and jacked black men.


Mario Real Life Trailer

Just watch it, it’s fucking amazing.


Corner Furniture

I put this up because I need a couch and they have the best prices.


Latarian Milton Hoodrat Remix

I only put this video up because I support hoodrats and doing hoodrat things.


HSN Bloopers

If you got this far and haven’t X-ed out of this video yet, thank you.


I Pooped Myself A Little – Parkour Fail

This video only made it up today because I love nut shots and the word poop.

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