Meatloaf Presents His Infamous YouTube Dump

Ill start to this dump off right with a joke. What would George Washington do if he was alive today? Scream and scratch the top of his coffin. If you think this is some Seinfeld joke where it brings all the YouTube videos together, maybe you should read my posts more often. More after the jump.

Eli’s Dirty Joke

If your grandpa wasn’t so senile and was animated he would look a little like this.


The Wiggles- Ima Fuck A White Bitch

Fun Fact about Meatloaf: I have 7 children with 6 different women… So as a devoted father I like to keep my kids educated and what better way than with The Wiggles.


Mortal Kombat Fatalities

Need I explain why this video is amazing?

Know Your Meme: Magnets, How Do They Work?

Remember a few dumps prior when I posted the ICP classic Miracles? Well I did here is good continuation of that.

Chuck Norris Reads Chuck Norris Facts

I put this up because of fear of Chuck Norris

Andrew Bynum Rocks J.J. Barea

This is what happens when your 5’10 and rape the Lakers defense.

The Very Best Fails

Everyone has failed… some people just have failed harder than others.

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