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Check out user submitted YouTube Video’s underneath the jump.

The Worst Playground Idea Ever

Other countries are fucking weird.

Ghost Ridin’ Grandma (Nick T.)

This is exactly why old people shouldn’t have a drivers license.

Cat Vs. Printer (Jess S.)

Ahh… All animals speak with a British accent.

Take Anything You Want- Just Spare Me My Life (Lindsay G.)

I am completely speechless, I deleted and restarted this caption/comment 5 times.

Old Lady Going Crazy On New York Subway (Zach K.)

I just thought my grandma deserved some YouTube Dump Time.

LEE SMANG It (Melissa G.)

This is going to be the jam of the summer.

Dad Drops Daughter (Kim S.)

Dad of the Year Nominee.

Watermelon To The Face (I Forgot Who Sent This To Me)

This is what happens when you give up on life and go on reality TV.

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