First off, I would like to apologize by stating that like a sequel, Mel Gibson’s rant isn’t as good as the original. Nonetheless, it’s still fucking ridiculous and hilarious. Gibson is attempting to make a comeback with screenwriter Joe Eszterhas as they work on a new project, The Maccabees. (Oh the irony) What’s next Kim Kardashian appearing in a remake of Runaway Bride? Lindsay Lohan getting the lead part in Clean and Sober? How about Jerry Sandusky staring in Kindergarden Cop 2?

The Eszterhas family was with Mel Gibson in Costa Rica as Joe’s son recorded the audio on his iPhone. I’ll be honest I had to listen more than once just to make out what Gibson actually says. Here’s a transcript of Mel Gibson’s drunk quotes;

“Why don’t I have a first draft of the Maccabees? What the fuck have you been doing?”

“I am earning money for a filthy little sucker who takes advantage of me!”

“Who wants to eat? Who the fuck wants to eat? You all want something to eat! Hooray!”