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A little while back, Scottie Pippen, most-likely wanting some attention, attempted to start one of the dumbest debates in sports history: is Lebron James better than Michael Jordan was? Needless to say, the rest of the country wasn’t feeling the same way, and if anyone actually was, they aren’t anymore. With Bron Bron and the gang’s epic NBA Finals collapse on Sunday, I don’t think anybody doubts that the man with 6 rings – all-earned with considerably less of a supporting cast than Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh – is still number 1. This video is a little old, but I happened to stumble upon it today, and I feel like it needs to be posted fresh. It’s 7 minutes and 43 seconds worth of pure domination, Jordan style. Miami readers, this is why your boy will never be the greatest of all time. Rest of the country, just enjoy. Lebron, try your hardest not to cry. I’m sure there’s cool highlight reels of you too; they just don’t have clips from the 4th Quarter.

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