In Austin, there are many college bars and clubs to choose from considering the city is  infamous for Sixth Street, but my personal favorite isn’t even on Sixth Street. In fact, it isn’t even located downtown. My favorite bar would have to be Midnight Rodeo on Ben White Blvd close to the outskirts of Austin. I personally love country music, so I don’t care what all you haters up north say. If you love country music like I do, then the Midnight Rodeo is the place to be. It’s not what you would expect from a typical bar in Austin, but it still has it all, which is why I like it so much. While it may not help that I have yet to reach the big 2-1, this place is awesome even for the underage. The music is pumping and the ladies are sights to be seen. It seems like every girl who walks through the door is super hot.

The bar is only open from Thursday to Saturday, giving it an edge since every bar and club on Sixth Street is open every day. During the summer, the bar gets even hotter for those who stick around during the break. The Midnight Rodeo hosts bikini contests every week through September. You may be wondering if country girls have nice bodies when they get down to their skivvies…I’m here to tell you they’re even better than the hot girls on the beach. With almost 14 contestants each week, you’re guaranteed to see every kind of hot girl you could imagine. That alone is a reason to go out.

While there are underage people there who go for the music and atmosphere, there are also a bunch of older college students who go as well. Every night the Midnight Rodeo is open, there are different drink specials ranging from dollar wells to dollar long necks. There is nothing like drinking a cold beer surrounded by beautiful girls wearing boots and daisy dukes.

The main reason to go though would be College Night Thursdays. Girls get in for free before 11pm and guys get it for $10. This is actually really cheap for guys considering the cover you’d have to pay to go bar hopping downtown. On Thursday nights, the DJ spins every kind of music for all you country music haters, with the exception of rock music…but who wants to dance to that anyway? One second you’ll be two-stepping while the next you’ll be bumping and grinding. You might even be lucky enough to try your hand at some swing and some very popular line dances.

This is definitely the place to go if you are tired of the same old thing downtown every weekend. The Midnight Rodeo is the first bar you should go to when visiting Austin. The drive might take you a couple of minutes, but it will be worth the time with all that music, drink specials, and gorgeous girls to try to dance with.

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