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By: Eric Michael (University of Miami)

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So if you are like me and spending your summer at home, you are probably bored out of your mind and counting the days until you can head back to school. However, just because you are stuck at home doesn’t mean your summer needs to totally suck. If you haven’t done these things yet, pack your bags and get a move on because here is a bucket list of things for you to do before the end of summer.

Go to the beach

When it gets hot enough out, the first thing people think of is turning the air condition on, and going to the beach. So go get some friends and head down to the beach for a day of sun and volleyball.

Have a bonfire

No summer is complete without attending at least one bonfire. Whether you make one, or go to someone’s house where they have one, it is a must before the end of summer.

Have a summer fling

No summer is complete without a summer fling. So hit up the beach or a bonfire and start looking for a person to have a no-strings attached relationship with.

Do something adventurous

Ever thought about going skydiving or bungee jumping? What about going white water rafting? There’s no better time than now to go out and do something out of your comfort zone. So go get ready to get wet or jump out of a plane at 20,000 feet!

Make a memory

The thing about summer is that when it’s over you want to say, “Damn that was a great summer.” Heading back to school and bragging to your friends about how great your summer was is one of the highlights of the first two weeks of being back at school. So whatever you do, make sure you go out and do something that you will never forget.

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