Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out Revival

For those of you who can’t remember 20 years back (or who weren’t alive yet), there used to be a Nintendo game called “Mike Tyson’s Punch Out.” In the game, you would play as an up-and-coming boxer working his way up the ranks. If you fought your way through the whole game, you’d end up fighting a very large and intimidating Mike Tyson, who at the time was the heavyweight champion of the world. It was some great 8-bit, horribly pixelated boxing action.

Now, Rock Software is capitalizing on pop culture’s newly found interest in the tattoo-faced former fighter to create a similar experience for the iPhone and iPad. Users will fight as “Little Sammy,” and will have to defeat 10 fictional boxers before getting the chance to take on Tyson.

The game will sell for $0.99, but Rock Software plans to make other athletes available for purchase in-game. The company does digital work for sports stars such as Chad Ochocinco, Terrell Owens, and Floyd Mayweather Jr., so we can expect them to be some of the characters that you can play as for a small fee.

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