Miley Cyrus Smokes Salvia

If you’re like me, and scouring the internet for newly legal pop-stars is kind of a hobby, then you may have heard a little story involving a foot long bong, a leafy green instant party known as Salvia, and recently 18 year old pop-star Miley Cyrus smoking it. Maybe you’re not like me. Maybe you didn’t watch the video of Cyrus smoking five times before noon, with some mood music and the lights dimmed. No worries. Here’s everything you need to know about Miley. She’s the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, better known as that “Achy Breaky Heart Guy”. Do you remember that song “Something Something in the USA” that you rocked out to at your cousin’s wedding? That’s Miley. Cyrus also stars in the show “Hannah Montana” on the Disney Channel. Don’t watch the Disney Channel? You’re missing out bro. Did I mention she’s 18?

According to, a great website for all that can be referred to as “juicy”, “This morning, a cell phone video leaked of Miley Cyrus celebrating just five days after her 18th birthday – with a bong!”.  Smoking the bong to be exact. Perez goes on to say that Cyrus is not smoking good old Marijuana, a more acceptable drug for reasons I couldn’t tell you, but is instead smoking Salvia which is an herb based hallucinogen. Salvia is a member of the Mint family of plants (maybe she was out of Tic-Tacs), and has long been used as a narcotic by recreational drug users, and as a means of achieving higher levels of consciousness by Mazatec Shamans (Dude, Miley’s so hip). Salvia is currently legal in most of the United States but many have denounced it and called for its prohibition.

So Americans, why do we care about Miley Cyrus getting caught smoking Salvia? Why do we care about Miley Cyrus doing anything? Surely with all that’s going on in the world right now, we should have more than enough more important issues to occupy our time. Why do we have this obsessive (kinda creepy) love affair with the rich and famous, and furthermore, why do es it give us so much pleasure to assume that they are perfect and nail them to the cross when they prove otherwise? Should we as a society be examining our values and what makes us so bored with our own lives that we spend our time reading about 18 year old girls and their social lives? NAH!!! Who cares? Just sit back, put your feet up, and type Miley Cyrus and/or Salvia into your local search engine. In fact, why not check out some other celebrities smoking too? Enjoy your day America!

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