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Big and flashy went out with the Blow Out. So if you’re still rocking a 12 inch sub woofer in your 12×12 dorm room, we got news for you: you look like a tool. Nowadays, it’s all about minimalism. Doing a lot with a little and not compromising the mood just for a little extra thump. That’s why everyone is ditching their 10-piece speaker sets for something a little more practical, and more importantly, something a little more refined. That’s why we just had to write something about the MinuSkull speakers.


Take one look at those sleek, stylish wooden skulls and tell me you don’t want to throw your iHome out the window. Don’t go chucking $100 electronics just yet though. There’s a reason your girlfriend can spend an entire CVS paycheck on a piece of fabric that wouldn’t cover your bicep. With great design and style comes even greater price. Suffice to say, you might have to combine a couple of returned gifts to nab yourself one of these.


I could tell you what they cost but why ruin the fun? Here’s the specs: The Minuskull comes in that traditional wood finish (my personal favorite) or one of the more glossy white or black finishes. You’re a big boy now. Match them to your furniture. The frequency range is from 60Hz-20kHz with an amplifier that can pump out 50Watts. Will they shake your entire house down to it’s foundations? Probably not, but for just chilling with some video games or for a small house party, Minuskull definitely does the trick. After all, I know you’ve just been using your Macbook anyway.

Get em here: Minuskull

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